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... i woke up in a car... [entries|friends|calendar]

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:.fic for cassie.: [21 Oct 2004|06:57am]
Yes yes, it's untitled - It's PWP. The kind we all like.

Here ya go Cassie!

[insert corny/erotic saying here]Collapse )


Tell Taco!
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Lord Of The Manor... [01 Sep 2004|07:02am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Chapter Two... So Far.Collapse )

I got stuck...

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New Fic! (Joel/many people) [30 Aug 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Title: The Lord Of The Manor
Author: Taco
Warnings: Slash, kink, language, nudity etc...
Disclaimer: None of the events depicted in this story ever happened, or are close to reality. All the people mentioned own themselves.
Summary: What happens when Joel reins over the rest of Good Charlotte, and all those that live in his manor?

Chapter OneCollapse )

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Promo Whore [28 Aug 2004|07:44am]


My new community... Join it if you like to write... That means kinky fanfic too, Cassie!!!
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So Lonely - Written on a diet of Ben Kweller [27 Aug 2004|06:51pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Don't cry for me I'll be back soon,
Don't worry about me,
My soul will lie in your room,
It's just a small time that I'm taken away,
When you come to me,
You know I'll stay.

Don't be so lonely,
It's not a bad time,
You know someday you'll be mine,
Not a day goes by when I don't think of you,
Don't have any fear for what I go through,

If I ever cry a tear,
It'll be for joy.
If I ever smile,
It'll be because you're my boy.

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Imaginary Lover - Written on a diet of The Cure [27 Aug 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Blank canvas waiting to be filled,
A mind and libido waiting to be thrilled,
I'm craving for your image to come to my head,
For your form to crawl into my bed.
I don't think I could love you more than I do,
If only I knew the real you,
Not just a faceless silhouette creeping through my mind,
But when I chase you so impossible to find.

Imaginary dates and late night talks,
Perfect sunsets and endless walks,
I'm making them all up as I go,
In reality it's all so slow,
If you'd finally be a real lover,
Maybe I wouldn't hide under the covers,
As I have my dreams about your kiss,
And those random hugs I'll always miss.

But how can I miss you without us meeting?
My thoughts of you wont soon be fleeting,
You'll always be mine...
My soulmate.
My lover.
Always true in my mind,
So easy to find.

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